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Step into the rhythm and boost your line dancing skills with our easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide!

Learn Alyssa’s “Walk that Walk” Line Dance Choreography for free on our on-demand video library.
Walk That Walk’ is not just a line dance; it's a celebration of rhythm, style, and fun! Designed for dance enthusiasts of all levels, our tutorial breaks down every step, ensuring you can master the dance with confidence and flair.


  • "Master the foundational steps of ‘Walk That Walk’.

  • Understand the rhythm and timing to keep you in sync with the music.

  • Learn styling tips to add your unique flair to the dance.

  • Get insider techniques for smoother transitions and professional-looking movements.


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When it comes to pushing the envelope of West Coast Swing, Sean McKeever and Alyssa Glanville are the couple to watch. Independently, these two Champion dancers are known for their work ethic, love of movement, and joy of sharing their art. Sean has a history as a black belt in martial arts and grew up dancing through a local ballroom program called Nordquist. Ironically, that is where he met Alyssa, a charismatic athlete who also had a deep love for dance and movement. They’ve shared the floor throughout their careers and finally have joined forces as a partnership. Between the two of them, they hold several titles in Classic, Strictly Swing, and Jack and Jills. But more importantly, they are committed to continuously growing themselves as dancers and artists, and will share that passion as they teach around the world.


Do I need a partner?

No, you the "Walk that Walk" Line Dance is a Choreography without partner.

Does it cost something?

No, this tutorial is completely free to give you an overview of the on-demand-videos we have in our monthly Membership.

What do I need to join?

You just need a laptop or a phone. After signing up you will receive a welcome Mail with the Link to the tutorial.

Do I need any previous dance experience?

We recommend to try this tutorial if you have basic understanding of West Coast Swing. Both beginner and intermediate dancer will benefit from this class.

How long will I have access to the tutorial?

You will have lifelong access and can rewatch the tutorial as many times as you wish.

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